Control Systems

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RCN Associates engineers provide technical expertise of control systems for a wide variety of
industries, including petrochemical, bio-pharmaceutical, power, utilities, bms, and more.

  • Our control strategies drive industrial machinery, continuous and batch industrial and commercial control systems, analog and digital control loops, etc.
  • Our projects utilize internationally accepted standards including:
    Industry regulated standards and safety guidelines
    International IEC, ANSI/IEEE and EN standards



We also provide simulation testing and validation of control systems. Using Wonderware SimSci, and Cape Systems software, we are able to test in and out of the hardware to validate and optimize control


Project QA Auditing and Monitoring

RCN Associates provides QA services to evaluate and report on the conformance of a client process or product.
“Quality assurance auditing is a process whereby the quality requirements and the results of measuring those requirements against a project are evaluated.”

One of the key metrics to quality analysis is to rectify any deficiencies and defects in either the product or process and make recommendations for improving the product or process.

Another key to the QA process is to establish and ensure conformity to requirements set forth by either internal or external regulatory agencies.  RCN Associates provides QA services to evaluate and report on the conformance of a client process or product.

 Continuous Improvement Cycle

Quality Assurance


– Identify the problem and plan.
– Observe and analyze.
– Isolate the real causes.
– Define the corrective actions.

2. DO

– Implement the plan.
– Execute the process.
– Verify the application.


– Verify the results of the actions taken.
– Compare with the original objectives.

4. ACT

– If improvement is realized;
– create a standardized action plan.
– Use as a new baseline for future PDCA activities.

Engineering Staff Augmentation

When there is a need to supplement a staff due to increased project work, RCN Associates provides qualified individuals who are able to ramp up to speed quickly and perform their work with quality standards and integrity unmatched in the consulting services industry.





Staff enhancement allows a company to add staff to their teams based on the additional skills required to support their initiatives. Please click here and fill out the form and a member of our staff will contact you.