RCN Associates Company’s Commitment to Your Privacy

When you visit RCN Associates Company Web site, we believe in protecting your privacy. At RCN Associates, we do not gather individual data about visitors without their knowledge and consent. We treat any information you give us with respect. We do not share it with unaffiliated third parties.



What personal information do we collect from you?

None in general … except when requested and only with your permission.

The majority of pages on RCN Associates Web site are delivered to you without requiring anything from you in return. Our site is primarily for informational, not transaction purposes. 



Do we use “cookies”?

Few pages at issue “cookies” – small, unique files offered by servers to browsers that allow easier access the next time the same pages on a site are visited – and any issued are put to no further use.

Furthermore, we do not reference cookies to any database, nor do we use them for any direct marketing purpose.

Additionally, your browser can usually be set to require your specific consent when any server wishes to present your computer with a cookie. It also usually lets you refuse cookies. Check your browser’s preferences or options for details.



Are there any other situations where we collect information about you?

A few of our pages are designed so that you visit them specifically to start an information exchange with us.

For instance, you might send a job application to our Careers page; fill out an optional survey to improve the service we provide you; or send us feedback on our site. Where appropriate, we will respond directly to you regarding these messages.



Will your information be shared?

Any personal or individual information you provide on the RCN Associates Web site is held or shared only by RCN Associates, its associate companies, or its representatives and agents, who are acting on our behalf with regards to your activity. 

We do not sell, rent, or exchange mailing lists or responses of individual visitors to or with any unaffiliated third parties. We respect the information you provide to us, and treat it carefully.



Comments or feedback?

We welcome it, encourage it – and treat it, also, with the utmost consideration.

A “Send comments/questions to:” label appears at the bottom of every page on our Web site so that you may communicate with us.